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In 1970, Optronic Laboratories was established as an optical radiation instrumentation, standards, and calibration laboratory.  Forming the nucleus of the company were two former NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) physicists, who individually made significant contributions to the fields of spectroradiometry and electro-optical technology.  The company was established to eliminate a void that existed in the area of optical radiation standards, calibration services, and measurement instrumentation for industry, government/military, and academia.  In 1995, the company was acquired by Gooch & Housego but continued to do business under the Optronic Laboratories name.  As of January 2010, both companies were merged to form the Life Sciences & Instrumentation division of Gooch & Housego.  The 25,000 sq ft facility in Orlando, FL helps to broaden the well-known and trusted brand’s offerings and leverage Gooch & Housego’s extensive worldwide engineering, operations, sales, distribution, and support channels to enhance our response to our clients’ specific needs.